Snow flurries

Snow flurries
2005, performance, short movie 122 s

Coming from nowhere, I make my way through the landscape. I stuff the snow at my feet into my mouth, absorb it and leave a trail behind me in the white. But it does not remain visible for long, because the abundance of the falling snow and the wind soon cover it up, so that it disappears, loses itself again in the distance. I ceaselessly continue to eat, amusedly take notice of what I do and what I am and then disappear back into nowhere.

2014, Signehamna, Svalbard, performance, short movie 192 s

“Walruses are a little bit like us, the humans.“ Theres Arulf
Or are we like them? Close together we inhabit the ship Antigua, eating, sleeping, dancing, making artworks, discussing, looking into the wide landscape ... we are all doing just ne, an amusing, harmonic togetherness. But soon, we must break up, going far apart, in all directions, each on his own way.

2014, Svalbard, short movie 41 s


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