arctic meets rainforest

My artistic works arise from the tense relationship between culture and nature. I understand them as an attempt at orientation, as the experience and exploration of natural space with all the senses and thus, ultimately, as an exploration of the relationship between humans in nature. Especially those countries covered with ice and snow and the Brazilian rainforest astonish and inspire me at the same time.

For more than 25 years I have been observing the changes in the climate and culture of the Arctic during multi-weekly periods of study and work. As an artist, there is much for me to discover in the thoroughly rough and inhospitable beauty of the Arctic. When I have the opportunity to work creatively in the frozen, vast land of sea and tundra, the conveniences of the modern world lay far behind, life is limited to the bare minimum, and those essentials include art and poetry. I am fascinated by the ephemeral materials ice and snow. Above all, their ambivalence is the source of inspiration for my artistic work.

Magdalenefjord, Svalbard, October 2014